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The 2024 Veterans Day Parade Is Happening!


Las Vegas Veterans Day Parade Info 11/11/2024

11/11 Parade Registration opened from JUL until OCT

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Remembering William M Stojack “Billy” our founding President

Mission Statement

The Veterans Action Group mission statement is as follows:

“ To maintain Honor and Respect for all the sacrifices made for our country by its veterans and their families.”


What did people in the community think about our Veterans Parade?

How do they describe their experience?

I'm so excited that the Veterans Parade is hosted in our state to honor the lives of men & women who have served in our armed forces. I continue to hear nothing but positive feedback from participants.
Duana M
Working with the Veterans Parade has been a wonderful experience. I'm looking forward to the next parade to be hosted in Downtown Las Vegas where families and friends can come out to honor and celebrate our Veterans together.
It has been my humble pleasure to serve as President of such an amazing group! Over the years I've witnessed people from all over the world fly into Las Vegas to be a part of this annual celebration. It's like one big family coming together to honor, celebrate and support each other.
Ryan S

United States Armed Forces